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2 jours
This training is intended for new WEBDEV users wishing to create Internet/Intranet sites.
Beforehand, we advise you to follow the self-training guide.
The "Fundamentals Level 2" WebDev training is an ideal complement to this training.
You will learn to
- Familiarize yourself with the development environment
- Create a dynamic site
- Master the basic concepts and the main editors
- Design and modify a data structure
- Use the standard functions of WLanguage
- Use templates and style sheets
- Use automatic AJAX
- Install the sites on the host's web server
- etc.
1. Presentation of WebDev
- The operating principle of a site created with WebDev
- Management of the life cycle of your developments
- Mastery of basic concepts and the main editors
- The use of 5GL

2. Database
- Link with an existing HFSQL database
- The design of a database specific to the website
- Description of files and links (referential integrity)
- Single-file and multi-file requests

3. Man/Machine Interface
- The page editor
- The Intranet/Internet environment
- The project, the pages: ergonomics, models, atmospheres, palettes
- The different types of objects
- Custom page design
- The GFI: superimposition of pages
- The use of style sheets
- Table controls and file loopers

4. Programming
- Browser and server codes
- File table management
- File looper management
- Use of AJAX without programming
- Procedures and functions (with or without passing parameters)

5. The folder generator
- Data files and their structure
- The drawing of the page, the detail of the objects, the sources associated with the object

6. Statements (reporting)
- The report editor
- The different creation modes: labels, record report, table, etc.
- The different types of blocks in a state
- Print settings (PDF, paper size, margins)
- Calling a report from the GUI

7. Deployment
- Generating the classic installation procedure
- Deployment and administration of the site on the server

8. Questions/Answers
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