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3 jours
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This training is intended for WebDev users who have already developed an application with WebDev or who have taken the Getting Started course.
The "Advanced" training is an ideal complement to this training.
You will learn to:
- Master new advanced fields
- Use new WLanguage functions
- Integrate multilingual into your sites
- Use an External component
- Use the Upload
- Use the Download
- etc.
1. The database - Simple and parameterized queries 2. The Man/Machine interface - The programming table control - The programming looper control - The Cell control - The chart control (Histogram, Sector, ...) - The list field - The GFI: superposition of cells - Field animation - The formatted display field - The combo field - The image control - The thumbnail field - Iframes - Internal pages - The Upload field 3. Programming and concepts - The combination of browser and server codes - Object properties - Multilingual integration rules - The use of timers for refreshing information - Sending files to the server (Upload) - Recovery of files on the server (Download) - Sending emails - Cookie management - The use and modification of a shopping cart component (online sales site) 4. Statements (reporting) - Advanced print block management 5. Deployment - The generation of the FTP installation procedure - Remote deployment and administration 6. Questions/Answers
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